I bought these cards myself, for personal and professional use. I happen to love the 'deck of cards' format for learning and coaching tools. I already use two other decks - one for creativity and the other for writing.

When The Body Confidence Cards arrived the first things I noticed were the rich colours and the beautiful mandala on the box.

The Body Confidence cards box

The deck is the size of a regular pack of cards. But once opened you quickly see the similarity ends there. There are three guiding cards with ideas for using the deck. There are no prescriptions - this deck is designed to encourage personal discovery.

three categories of card

Some have photographs and these are diverse, inclusive and fresh. There is plenty of room to make your own associations and metaphors here. There are 12-month cards, each with insights and questions. The A - Z cards offer interesting areas to consider or focus on. Perfect for discussions and reflection. The quotations are perfect, and you are encouraged to make your own associations and connections. Just browsing through the deck feels like an act of self-care.

Example card content

There is enough structure if you need it and freedom to explore if you wish. I am excited with the power and the possibility of this resource. I can’t wait to see The Body Confidence Cards develop.

This is a great work and will help many, many people. A treasure chest of healing and empowerment.

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Visit http://www.bodyconfidencecards.com

There's also a dedicated Facebook group:
Body Confidence Cards Club

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a collection of cards from the deck