One to One Credits

Pay for your One to One with discounts for two or more sessions.

Complimentary One to One Credits

Many events and courses include a complimentary One to One Credit. The listing will make it clear if coaching is included and how many sessions are available. One to One credits are added automatically after the event and available to use straight away. A time limit may apply to the duration of the session (e.g. 30 minutes) or when the credit must be redeemed (e.g. within one month).

Buy One to One Credits

One to One credits can be paid for online and are available to use immediately. These One to One sessions last for 60 minutes each and are valid for 12 months.

One to One Credits
£50 each or discounted as follows:
3 credits save 15% or
6 credits save 20%
prices inc VAT

One to One training and coaching with optional accountability check-in after the sessions

One to One Credits last 12 months and can be used straight away

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