What we're all about:

You have the right, and the ability to flourish.

You can do great things.

There is no better time to start than now.

I believe this is true for you, me and for everyone. We can do this without taking more than is fair, or by bringing others down. This is the starting point for Learn Develop Change.

I've spent the best part of 30 years designing and delivering training. Along the way I've been searching for what makes learning effective and for change to truly happen. Learn Develop Change has evolved from this search.

At the heart of what you will find here is personalised, affordable learning and development. Live online, in-person and digital events - all built on empathy, connection and trust. Because in the end that's what enables us all to adapt and flourish.

You get a dedicated learning space designed to support the learning and development you take part in. With lifetime updates included.

Because change happens over time (not just on a single course or event) you have the option to join regular refresher PowerUp workshops throughout the year following your training. Or you might prefer to work One to One with a trainer for completely personalised development and support.

Whichever path you choose, expect lots of interaction, co-creation and memorable learning. If that sounds good to you, Log in or Sign up and let's get started. If it doesn't please tell me what would work better for you.

Andrew Hewertson - trainer and founder, Learn Develop Change Ltd.

What makes Learn Develop Change different?

Everything is bespoke - work isnít standard, why should your training be off-the-shelf? Impact measures aligned to your goals, agreed up front and reported afterwards Agreed medium and long term follow up Lifetime licence - updates to your resources included


Gain new tools and techniques: from new ways of thinking to strategies for handling conflict and emotions at work.


Build and enhance skills. Track improvements in performance.


Measure impact and change. Apply strategies to retain positive change and make it stick.

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